Bitcoin Evm


 Bitcoin (BTC) Is Now Turing Complete & EVM Interoperable. Web3 Enabled “Smart” Bitcoin.

Bitcoin EVM

 “Smart” Bitcoin, Fully interoperable With The Ethereum Virtual Machine. Transactions Are Now 1200x+ Faster & 1,000,000,000x+ Cheaper. Participate In Trust-Less, Self Custodial, Decentralized Web3 Finance With Bitcoin (BTC). 

Welcome To Web3 BTC

Smart and Secure

Launch Tokens, Build Decentralized Unstoppable Apps, Participate In On Chain Governance, Create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations & More.

Why Bitcoin EVM?

Increase Privacy & Utility

Reduce Fees, Transaction Times. Increase Privacy & Security. Smart Contracts, Decentralized Development & Web3 Finance. 

Web3 BTC (BTC)


Complete Privacy (NO KYC)

Less Than $0.00000000126 Per Transaction (at $30K BTC Price)

Smart Contracts (Evm Interoperable)

Decentralized Finance

Unstoppable Apps

BTC20 Tokens

₿itcoin EVM⧫

₿TC Is Now "Smart"

EVM Enabled Bitcoin! Upgrade Your BTC To Web3, Use Smart Contracts & Many More Defi Compatible Features With Bitcoin.

Bitcoin EVM

Web3 Enabled Bitcoin

1,000,000,000x Cheaper & 1,200x+ Faster, Adds Capabilities Of Smart Contracts, dApps & Much More. 

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Web3 BTC (BTC)

Bitcoin Ethereum Virtual Machine

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