Bitcoin Evm


Web3 Enabled Bitcoin. Bitcoin Ethereum Virtual Machine Brings Ethereum Capabilities To Bitcoin. Smart Contract Compatible Bitcoin. The World Of Decentralized Finance For Bitcoin Holders.

Most Trusted Cryptocurrency

Just Got ALOT Better!! Satoshi Just Launched New Technological Upgrades For Bitcoin. 1200x Faster & 1,300,000X Cheaper, Participate In Decentralized Finance On Bitcoin’s Own Native Chain. 

Welcome To Web3 BTC

Smart and Secure

Launch Tokens, Build Decentralized Unstoppable Apps, Participate In On Chain Governance & More.

Why Bitcoin EVM?

Increase Bitcoin Privacy & Functionality

Reduce Fees, Transaction Times. Increase Privacy & Security. Smart Contracts, Decentralized Development & Web3 Finance. 

Web3 BTC (eBTC)



Less Than $.000001 Per Transaction

Smart Contracts

Decentralized Finance

Unstoppable Apps

BTC20 Tokens

₿itcoin EVM⧫

₿TC Is Now "Smart"

EVM Enabled Bitcoin!! The World Asked & Satoshi Delivered. Upgrade Your BTC To Web3, Use Smart Contracts & Many More Defi Compatible Features With Bitcoin.

Bitcoin EVM

Bitcoin Has Evolved

Bitcoin Has The Largest Cryptocurrency Community & Now With Bitcoin EVM, Bitcoin Unlocks Web3, Becomes Less Expensive & Way Faster, Adds Capabilities Of Smart Contracts & dApps. 

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Web3 BTC (eBTC)

Bitcoin Ethereum Virtual Machine

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